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Chinese culture and language learning platform

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Reach the life possibility

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Ignite the curiosity

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Community to connect with, and embrace others

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Knowledge to appreciate differences

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Empower to communicate

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Tenacity to be excellent



Cricket Academy is a fun way for children and their entire family to connect in a meaningful way with the Chinese language and culture. We focus on fostering a love of the language and culture by exposing children to an ``American style`` curriculum full of songs and games and other age-appropriate activities that make the learning, above all, fun.

  • Chinese Culture and Language Learning Platform
  • Reach the Life Possibility
  • Inspire the Curiosity
  • Community to Connect with, and Embrace Others
  • Knowledge to Appreciate Differences
  • Empower to Communicate
  • Tenacity to be Excellent

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About Us

About Cricket Academy

Cricket Academy is a Chinese learning platform for children, adults, and their entire family to connect interactively and engagingly with the Chinese language and culture. We focus on fostering intrinsic motivation and interests toward the language and culture by exposing our student to an “American style” curriculum with interactive activities such as games, singing and drawing that make the learning engaging and fun. Cricket is a non-profit educational organization; most of our teachers are volunteers and activists who share the dream to cultivate the heritage to a broader target audience beyond native speakers. We believe a connected and diversified community is the foundation for a better future.

Our Vision

The #1 Chinese cultural academy and community in Wisconsin to empower communication & access to new life possibilities.

Our Mission

Cricket Academy connects people who are open to Chinese culture; with a fun, connective and friendly community. No matter what is your ethnicity, We learn, enrich our knowledge with respect, compassion and friendship; we share and celebrate the heritage together as one family…

Our Team

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